Regional ANSP Meeting hosted by MoldATSA


In its initiative to pursue operational synergies MoldATSA has hosted the Regional ANSP Meeting from September 24th to September 26th, where RomATSA (the Romanian ANSP) and UkSATSE (the Ukrainian ANSP) were invited to discuss operational issues and future development plans. The joint workshop was of particular importance for MoldATSA that currently strives to alleviate its challenges in implementing the European Regulations set forth in the Single European Sky legislation package.   


Even if initially intended as a technical working group, the importance of this event was quickly recognized and highly acclaimed by the representatives of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Infrastructure from Moldova as well as the representatives of the Civil Aviation Authorities from Moldova and Romania.


Most of intrinsic value of this event, above all, was added by the experts and the Heads of ANSP divisions participating into the two Working Groups created accordingly with the core activities of any ANSP: Air Traffic Management (ATM Group) and  Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS Group).


Below we present the three most stringent issues discussed at the meeting:

  1. The SES requirements and the implementation by Moldova of a new ATM system (MAATS) along with a new Voice Communication System (VCS).
  2. The new legal framework and institutional arrangements in Romania and the DANUBE FAB State Agreement.
  3. The peculiarities of implementing the international obligations undertaken by Ukraine and the incompatibility of the soon obsolete Ukrainian ATM systems in Odess and Lviv with the new Moldavian one.


Not less important were the intentions to increase the capacity of the data lines between ANSPs and the future international data links to be created in order to reduce costs and increase data exchange, such as: flight data and radar information exchange.


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