Requiring the provision of: 704 units of 12V, 7,2Ah Battery and is requesting the proposals for specified units


Moldavian Air Traffic Sеrviсes Authority (MoldATSA), bd. Dacia 80/4, Chişinău (Airport), is requiring the provision of: 704 units of 12V, 7,2Ah Battery and  is requesting the proposals for specified units. We hereby inform you, that the evaluation of the offers will be performed by a specialized Commission of `’MoldATSA” taking into account the tax regulation of Republic of Moldova and the bilateral agreements between Republic of Moldova and your Country, if they may apply. 



  • Battery 12v, 7,2Ah
  • Design life period at least 5 years (will be used for UPS System)
  • 2 year manufacture’s full guarantee
  • Size: 152mm x 65mm x 95mm
  • Spade terminals - type F2
  • Weight- not less than 2,4 kg
  • Manufacture date of production no later of 06.2016


For more information regarding the requirements please contact: Petru IOVU tel. +373 22 502 840; fax: +373 22 525 907,mob. +373 078 49 40 88, e- mail:


The Dead-line for presenting the offers (date/time) are: 18.10.2016/17:00 (LT). 

The evaluation criteria of the offers: the lowest price of the batteries that will meet the technical specification criteria.

Payment – via bank transfer.           

Offers have to be sealed and sent by registered post or by private courier service to the following address: Republic of Moldova, Chişinău, bd. Dacia 80/4 (Airport), Att. Mr. Vadim Gugea.

Letter shall be marked as: Offer for 12v, 7,2 Ah Battery.