MoldATSA is requiring the provision of: “Automatic Terminal Information Serviсе “ATIS” according to ICAO Annex 11”


Moldavian Air Traffic serviсеs Authority (MoldATSA), bd. Dacia 80/4, Chişinău (Airport), is requiring the provision of: “Automatic Terminal Information serviсе “ATIS” according to ICAO Annex 11” and is requesting the proposals for the system. We hereby inform you, that the evaluation of the offers will be performed by a specialized Commission of MoldATSA taking into account the tax regulation of Republic of Moldova and the bilateral agreements between Republic of Moldova and your Country, if they may apply. We also kindly ask you to include all taxes in the total cost of the offer.


The SPECIFICATIONS and the SCOPE of WORK for the Automatic Terminal Information serviсе “ATIS” you will be able to receive on your request (emailing to: and subject of that email shall be as “ATIS Specification request”. In that email also shall be attached a short description about your Enterprise).  


For more information regarding the requirements please contact: Serghei SANDU, tel. +373 22 502 802; fax: +373 22 524 488, mob. +373 078 49 40 70, e- mail:

The Dead-line for presenting the offers (date/time) are: 02.11.2016/17:00 (LT). 

The evaluation criteria of the offers: the most profitable price

Payment – via bank transfer.           

Offers have to be sealed and sent by registered post or by private courier serviсе to the following address: Republic of Moldova, Chişinău, bd. Dacia 80/4 (Airport), Att. Mr. Vadim Gugea.

Letter shall be marked as: Offer for Automatic Terminal Information serviсе “ATIS”.