The consultation stage for the establishment of Air Navigation Charges for 2018


Following the recommendations of document “Methodology of calculation and approval of charges for airport and air navigation services” the Moldavian Air Traffic Services Authority – MoldATSA provides a consultation stage with the airspace users on the charges for air navigation services.

The relevant documentation (Reporting tables and Additional information) is attached.

Any questions concerning the planned cost-base and unit rates should be made by e-mail to the following addresses:

The period of consultation is from 16th October to 26th October 2017.

It would be appreciated if you could inform us, no later than 27th of October 2017, your opinion or matters. If, by that date, we have not received your reply and in order to expedite matters, we will assume that you are in agreement.

COST-BASE_TC_2018 (Additional information)

COST-BASE ENROUTE 2018 (Additional information)